For the past few years I have been using a nicely designed website that functioned well as an on-line brochure when accessed by typing directly. What we were missing were website visitors that found the site through search engines or links from social media. In the past two weeks Plan B’s website has been totally reworked. A more current version of Word Press was used providing greater internet security. The creation of social media sites and links to those sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were incorporated. In addition, a service called NetworkedBlogs was used to automatically distribute any blog posts to the linked social media sites. Clients and consultants we have worked with over the years provided us with testimonials that were utilized on the site.

I am sure that there were many more techniques used by our website developer in order to increase the visibility of Plan B Holdings on the internet. The best part about creating our more effective website was that I didn’t have to learn all these techniques myself and I could rely on the talents of the team at Bexby. While the jury is still out regarding conversion of website “hits” to clients, I am pleased to announce that our website traffic has increased 50 times with a rapid reduction in the bounce rate. The ability to increase awareness of a small business is the first step to growing it.

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