WaterparkAs part of an amusement park currently under development in the Dominican Republic, Plan B Holdings is supervising the creation of a man-made 6 acre freshwater lake and installation of the first Rixen Cableways Wake Board Park in the Caribbean. Rixen Cableways is the leading manufacturer of cable water sports parks in the world. Included in the water park are two cable systems.  The first is a two mast Easy Start cable system that provides a simple and safe way to learn to water board and ski. The second system is a five tower system that is large enough to qualify for international competitions. The larger installation includes obstacles that facilitate a number of aerial tricks performed by the sport enthusiasts.

In conjunction with Rixen, Plan B developed a pro forma and business plan as well as the physical improvements including starting ramps, Pro Shop, locker rooms, restaurant, and viewing terraces.  The Park is scheduled to open in late Fall 2013. Future expansions are possible with the completion of an additional 25 acres of water.